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Gina and Colette
Gina and Colette

Half-Life: Decay is an add-on included in the PlayStation 2 port of the first-person shooter computer game Half-Life, developed by Gearbox Software and published in October of 2001, now being remade by independend Ukrainian developers for PC with the help of other european developers/fans.

Our team is working on straight port of this game to PC! "Decay PC"'s active development began in mid-October of 2005, we are are not telling you strict release date, but we assure you - soon! And opening of this site should be proof.

Like Gearbox's other expansion packs Opposing Force and Blue Shift, Decay returns to the setting and timeline of the original story, but with different player characters: two female colleagues of Gordon Freeman, Dr. Gina Cross and Dr. Colette Green, who both take part in the Anomalous Materials laboratory experiment - they make preparations for the experiment under the Test Chamber such as monitoring Anti-Mass spectrometer and delivering anomalous materials to Dr. Freeman. When disaster happens both women together with their collegues Dr. Rosenberg and Dr. Keller try to save personell of the facility and reverse the resonance cascade to seal the dimensional rift.

Gamma Labs
Gamma Labs

Unlike other games in the series Decay is a cooperative game and it's storyline is divided into "chapters". You must play through the whole game with both Gina and Colette, you can switch between them when in SP mode, though AI controlled bot won't follow you and will only shoot the enemies. However various puzzles and combat situations throughout the game require the co-operation of the two characters.

Also Decay has a ranking system for all of its nine missions, ranging from F (worst) to A (best), based on accuracy, number of enemies killed, and damage taken. If all nine missions are achieved with an A level, a bonus mission, Xen Attacks, can be played as a pair of Vortigaunts.

Under test chamber
Under test chamber

Decay opens both new and old areas of Black Mesa research facility (such as Gamma labs or Training Facility), as well as opens some mysteries about the Resonance Cascade. If you are true fan of Half-Life universe, you definitely must play through it! As for quality of our port - be calm, we are re-creating all missions based on decompiled bsp's of original Decay with minimal improvements. PC version will also feature all the upgraded models and will be available for both WON and Steam versions of Half-Life.

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